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About JOC-Construction

JOC-Construction specializes in job order contracts for many different governmental sectors across the nation.   With over 30 years of combined experience in Job Order Contracting our team can easily understand the needs of your project.  Once you identify your project, we are happy to meet with your team to discuss the scope.  We take that information from the walk through and prepare a detailed proposal.  Once your team sends an approval and issues the PO, we will then begin constructing your new space. 


At JOC-Construction customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.  From the quality of our work to the communication during construction, we are always there, as your partner, to create the best space imaginable.  We have the best teams to cover any needs you have.  From land development and new construction to interior and exterior renovations, our team is ready to set you up for success.   


Our Process

Construction Site Managers

Meet to Discuss Scope of Project 

We will come to your site to discuss your projects needs.  We always enjoy walking the property/project to get a full feel of the project scope and needs. 



Once we have walked your property we will get our team and resources aligned to create the most thorough and affordable proposal based on your specific needs.

Approval and PO Issued

With a proposal in hand we will wait on your approval and the Purchase Order to be submitted. 

Reinforcing Steel

Construction Starts

Once we have the PO and all the paperwork is done our teams that we have lined up will move in and get the job done quickly and efficiently.


Our Quality Guarantee

Quality and craftmanship is our highest priority.  In our preconstruction due diligence we make sure to understand the needs of your property and project.  We listen to your concerns about the project and make sure to address them on the front end to minimize the impact of construction on your day to day business.

Schedule a time to discuss your project today.

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